Cuz Concrete Products, Inc. was co-founded in 1969 by Glen Zachry and two of his cousins - hence the name Cuz”. An oversimplification? Actually, no. Equally you would expect a rooftop to leak if protected with poor-quality shingles installed by an unqualified roofer, a terribly made septic fish tank can fail because of a poor design, nonstandard processing or shoddy assembly. Septic tank failures can bring about dangerous situations, from a cave-in to get hold of with untreated individuals waste.concrete septic tank risers for sale

Another industry standard is the International Connection of Plumbing related and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) Materials and Property Standard for Prefabricated Septic Tanks” (PS-1), which references ASTM C1227, stating Cement septic tanks shall adhere to ASTM C 1227, except when the requirements deviate out of this standard in which case this standard will govern.” The IAPMO standard is made up of additional specific language regarding reservoir sampling and water testing and says, Sample tanks will be constructed per manufacturer's instructions, set level, and water elevated to the stream line of the outlet fitted …,” not to the top of the riser.

Sealants are typically designed to resist hydrostatic makes at a precast cement joint to give a watertight seal. The North american Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards C990 defines the mandatory structure and performance evaluation requirements for preformed butyl sealants. Sealants that meet this standard will provide a reasonable degree of confidence for performance in watertight requirements. Butyl rubber content and hydrocarbon content are synonymous terms.

Naturally, ASTM C1227 is not the sole standard for septic tanks. In a few claims and localities, this standard may be followed by reference into the status and local codes. When there is certainly satisfactory enforcement and oversight, regulatory firms work on the citizens' behalf to make certain all companies of septic tanks meet up with the standard. Some point out and local ordinances explain their own requirements and require septic container producers to adhere to regional requirements to be qualified.

A.J. Foss manufactures durable, watertight, easy to install precast cement septic tanks that provide a dependable and environmentally-friendly, green” element of your septic system. Each customizable septic tank is crafted with high-quality 5,000 psi concrete that we regularly test using ASTM C31 and C39 quality tests guidelines. Our Type III high early strength concrete is tested each month to ensure it complies with ASTM Standard C 150 and AASHTO M